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Cycling The South of France: Things I Loved the Most

You can get really spoiled spending three weeks bicycling in Languedoc and Provence! I got up every morning knowing that I was the luckiest person in the world to be exploring the bicycle routes of one of the most beautiful parts of France. From the hill towns of Provence to the famous locks along the


Marennes, The City of the Oyster

By Maggie LaCoste The Marennes-Oleron region is a very unique area of France, and to experience it by bike is a very special experience. To begin with, the people are genuine, warm and welcoming. We were approached everywhere we went by locals asking where we came from, truly amazed that we would travel from the

Top 5 Reasons to Bike in France

When thinking about French cycling, most people think of Le Tour, the Alpe d’Huez, Mont Ventoux, Lance Armstrong, and lots of spandex.  But did you know that France is now one of the top destinations for recreational cycling?  Without question, there are other great places to bike, but France has the perfect combination of qualities


Bicycling the Loire: Langeais to Villandry to Vouvray

By Maggie LaCoste Langeais is definitely one of the most under rated towns on the Loire. It doesn’t even rate a mention in most guidebooks, but after my short stay here, I can say it is definitely one of my favorites! Charming, meticulously clean, bursting with fresh flowers everywhere, very welcoming residents and one spectacular


Bicycling the Loire: New Friends, Majestic Castles and Perfect Bike Paths

By Maggie LaCoste Life just really doesn’t get much better than our journey today on the Loire.  The day began in one of my favorite towns, Chinon.  I’m always amazed when I walk the street of Chinon near the castle as I know that I am walking on or near roads that Joan of Arc