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Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel!

By Maggie LaCoste I cannot believe that it is Christmas, 2012!  It was such a great year for bicycling in France with the debut of the major route, La Velodyssee in June, the expansion of many regional routes and an increasing trend of better online resources for people interested in cycling in France.  There are


Bicycling France’s Atlantic Coast: Favorite Photos

By Maggie LaCoste I’ve been home a couple of days now, and I am having a great time sifting through all of my notes and photos from the trip.  I took over 1,000 photos during my two week trip, three days of which I took very few photos due to the rain.  I thought that


La Rochelle to Rochefort, Favorite Photo

History and sailing in La Rochelle, captured in one photo!


Bicycling the Loire: New Friends, Majestic Castles and Perfect Bike Paths

By Maggie LaCoste Life just really doesn’t get much better than our journey today on the Loire.  The day began in one of my favorite towns, Chinon.  I’m always amazed when I walk the street of Chinon near the castle as I know that I am walking on or near roads that Joan of Arc


Would You Bike Across the Saint Nazaire Bridge?

By Maggie LaCoste I have gotten a lot a comments in the last day about a post I wrote about recent improvements to the bike lanes on the Saint Nazaire bridge.  Whether you have personally tried to cross the bridge on bike or not, everyone seemed to have gotten a good sense of the challenge