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5 Favorite Trip Planning Resources

If you’re thinking about cycling in France this year, odds are you’ve already started looking into possible routes.  If so, you’ve probably found that searching for cycling itineraries that are near your travel destination can be very time consuming. Here are 5 of my favorite tourism websites that will hopefully make your bike trip planning

10 Goals For My Cycling Trip In Northern France

I am so excited to begin a new bicycling adventure in France! It seems that every year, I come home with many things I wished I had done more of. This year, I made a list, in advance of things I want to take advantage of, so I will hopefully have fewer regrets. Here is

Time To Start Thinking About Bicycling Itineraries for 2014!

October 1 is the official day I start thinking about itineraries for next summer’s bicycling trips and one of my favorite days of the year!  I normally start with a list of my top 5, and from there, narrow down to one route that offers the promise of great scenery and a fun summer adventure.

Best Itinerary for Bicycling in France in 2013?

The only thing that is better to me than being in France is planning a trip to France. That’s why October is one of my favorite months, as it’s when I start researching where I will bike in the upcoming year.  Unlike last year when I knew that I wanted to explore the Atlantic Coast