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“Rent A Bike in France” Prepares to Launch It’s New Service

By Maggie LaCoste A quick follow up to my two recent posts about renting bikes in France:  a new bike service, “Rent a Bike in France” is in the process of launching a service that will help you find bikes for hire anywhere in France.  Basically, the new company is an online agent, matching people


Save Money and Worry, Rent a Bike in France, Part 2

By Maggie LaCoste A good shopper is an informed shopper, so it’s important to know what to look for in a rental bike in France.  As mentioned in my previous post, I prefer hybrid or all-terrain bikes, and find that they are more than worth the premium cost.  Most of the rental agencies in France


Market Day in Sarlat

By Maggie LaCoste Market day in Sarlat is like the 4th of July for the senses:  brilliant colors, the sounds of local school bands, the intoxicating smell of fruit, lavender and herbs, samples of cheese, foie gras and walnut cake that beg to be taken home. With new adventures around every corner and alley way,


We’re off to Sarlat!

Just two more days and I am off for several weeks in Sarlat in the Dordogne Valley!  Sarlat is the perfect Slow Travel Adventure destination–the city is gorgeous, manageable, brimming with history, and best of all, very affordable.  Whether you are traveling with a friend, spouse or your family, whether you like to bike, hike,