Welcome To Experience France by Bike

Welcome to my blog about finding adventure and discovering life biking along the waterways and backroads of France!  Get insider tips on planning your own biking adventure in France.  Learn how to plan a trip that tour groups charge $400+/day for.  Enjoy life in the slow lane where the only goal is to experience the simple magic of travel in France.

Enjoy being immersed in the life, people, history and culture of France. Come with me as I meet new friends and discover new adventures with every bend in the road.  Venture off the beaten track and get ideas for planning your own bike trip.  Learn more about the new network of voie verte or car-free bike paths and veloroutes, limited car bike routes that is being developed in France.  Enjoy the many unplanned and unexpected experiences of travel in the slow lane.  Feel the liberation of biking along quiet canals and vineyard paths, the peacefulness of riding through fields of sunflowers and lavender, the anticipation of what adventure lies ahead.

Join me as I plan and take French biking adventures.  Hopefully you will be inspired to plan your own French bicycling adventure!  You might just find that it will change your life, just as it has mine!

New for 2013:  Watch for the release of my new series of French Bicycling E-Guides!

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