When Technology Goes Wrong

By Maggie LaCoste

We’re all very spoiled by technology and how easy it makes our life.  It’s amazing how we can send things in cyberspace and instantly someone on the other side of the world can view it.  And when something goes wrong in cyberspace, it really disrupts the way we work and communicate.  I am experiencing such a disruption right now.  Yesterday I discovered that all of the photos on over 90 of my blog posts had disappeared, a “glitch” from the transfer of my files to a self-hosted wordpress account.

The amazing part of the entire situation is that there is no quick fix, just write some code and get the photos back.  No, the photos will return, but they will return by individually replacing them one by one.  So, for those of you who may be visiting my blog over the upcoming week, please forgive me if some of the posts are missing photos.  I am replacing photos as fast as I can, and I hope to have everything back to normal by the middle of next week.

Doing all of this by hand makes me very appreciative of how fast technology normally lets us do our jobs!

Thanks for visiting Experience France by Bike and please accept my heartfelt apologies.

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