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New Gear Makes Bicycle Touring More Fun & Easy!

I was surprised by a lot of things cycling EuroVelo 6 this summer:  the number of middle aged men cycling alone, the number of young women cycling alone, the beauty of sections of France I’d never heard of before and the number of families with small children cycling long distances.  But the one thing that

Cycling in France With Kids

Bicycling overseas with kids has changed a lot since my last trip with two teenage daughters more than 10 years ago.  More greenways, expanded rental options, improved route signage and more family-friendly lodging options have all helped make cycling the preferred vacation choice for millions of families around the world.  Every summer, I am amazed

Cycling in France with Kids: 10 Tips for a Successful Trip

European parents seem to have a gene that enables them to plan and take perfect family bicycle trips.  Bike paths are full of young parents with one, two and even three kids under 10 in tow, some camping, some not, but all of them seemingly in a state of bliss at the wonder of exploring