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  1. Just a quick note to say that we are currently on the Rhine route. We have cycled from Strasbourg to Germersheim, initially on the French side, then took a ferry across the Rhine to the German side and then another ferry about 14 km south of Germersheim to the other German side of the Rhine. I have to say that contrary to our expectations of this route, it has so far been very disappointing. I will report in more detail in my blog later (I’m behind by about 2 weeks!) but we were not able to get anything on the route in Strasbourg except a very basic map. That only took us so far and the Eurovelo 15 signage has been good in places but disappears in others and it gets quite confusing with all the local bike route signage. And while we have gone through the odd pretty section, so far we would not recommend it for its scenery. Very industrial and ugly in many places – huge gravel crushing operations right on the river, an enormous gas/electric plant and an enormous oil refinery area. In other places it is just rather boring particularly the southern end after exiting a beautiful forested area just outside Stasbourg, where you cycle for many kilometres on a road below the Rhine dike. This sounds rather harsh but so far all I would say about it is that yes, it’s very flat so if that’s what you are looking for, it would provide that. We are going to try to get a better map and book today in Germersheimer and will decide based on that whether to continue on (we are ending our trip in Frankfurt) or stay here for a couple of days and take the train.

    1. HI Jennifer!

      Thanks so much for the update from the road! This type of information is the most helpful for any of the new routes. The experience you are having sounds very similar to the one we had 2 summers ago riding on EuroVelo 1, La Velodyssee just before its official debut. We rode bike paths that just disappeared in front of us into farmland, signage that was sporadic so much so that on several days we had to stop every 10 minutes to figure out which way to go! I have heard that there are several places on the Rhine Route where it is very industrial, probably areas that you would want to by-pass either by train or barge. I will very much look forward to reading more about your experiences, and also posting them online to help others who are thinking about taking that route. Two years after my adventure on EuroVelo 1, I still get reports on the same problems that we experienced.

      Here is a link to suggested maps/guidebooks from the EuroVelo 15 website:

      I am familiar with the ADFC Radtourenkarten series, it is in German but the maps should be helpful. I also use the Bikeline series a lot and I would think those should be easy to find in local tobacco stores/newstands.

      Safe travels, and as always, thanks for your great input!

      Maggie LaCoste
      Experience France By Bike

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