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Veloscenic Cycle Route Update

Just in time for spring and summer cycling season, the popular Veloscenic itinerary from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel has some updates for those thinking about cycling the route. This itinerary crosses 4 French regions and 8 departments and is anchored by 2 of the best known attractions in the world:  Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris,

Flooding, Strikes And Your Upcoming Bicycling Trip To France

You’ve planned every detail of your summer bicycling trip to France over the last year.  Your trip is now days/weeks away and you’ve read about disastrous flooding in Northern France and public service slowdowns resulting from union strikes. Videos of flooding this week at the Castle of Chambord near the Loire might prompt even the

Cycling In Paris

Cycling in and around Paris isn’t how I want to experience France by bike, but, judging from your e-mails, it’s something that many of you are interested in.  So if you find yourself looking for directions on how to travel in or out of Paris by bike, look no further than the website of David

Cycling in Paris: Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

I hate traffic, crowds and congestion. Not surprisingly, Paris, or any large city would be one of the last places I’d ride a bike. Just the thought of trying to maneuver a bicycle in and out of traffic with buses behind and in front of me, people and cars coming from all directions makes me

Experience Paris to Mont Saint Michel By Bike On The Veloscenic

Whoever thought of creating a bicycling itinerary sandwiched between Paris and Mont Saint Michel was a genius!  The Veloscenic is one of the newest cycle routes in France, offering spectacular sightseeing across 4 regions including the Ile-de-France, Centre-Val de Loire, Pays de la Loire and Lower Normandy as well as 8 departments.  Touring cyclists will