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New Hotel At Chambord Opens March 16

One of my favorite splurges in the Loire Valley was staying at the Hotel Grand St. Michel Hotel next to the magnificent Chateau of Chambord. The experience was magical. Unfortunately the hotel has been closed for the last 2 years, undergoing what I thought were major renovations to the existing hotel.  But in fact, it

Cycling Les Chateaux a Velo

Les Chateaux a Velo is one of the best kept secrets in the Loire Valley and it’s one of my favorite areas in France to explore by bike. There’s never enough time to bicycle along the Loire, which is probably one of the reasons why so few people explore the itineraries of Les Chateaux a

Best French Cycling Itineraries Guidebook Series Debuts

“A Weekend Trip From Blois to Chambord”, Volume 1 of my new guidebook series on the best cycling itineraries in France is finally finished. I was sitting at dinner on Friday night when a friend called to tell me that they found it on Amazon. I immediately got up from the table to go outside

My Favorite Loire River Cycling Itineraries, Part II

I hope that the first installment of this two part series has you seriously considering taking a trip on that part of the Loire this year. You may want to wait until you read this post. I’m not sure which of the two itineraries is my favorite. I love them both!  In a perfect world,